Graphic Designer, Krzysztof "cHris" Marciniak

Uses everyday imagery, both dark and bright to convey artworks of mystery, raw sexuality and out-of-this-world beauty.

Born in 1976 in Ostroda (Poland), cHris was heavily influenced by the drastic changes to Eastern Europe, The fall of the Reds, the rise of Solidarity, the westernization of the East. All these fundamental changes to the political landscape helped direct and shape his art direction, his creative forces feeding off the elements of interpretation and his natural attraction to the unfamiliar and unusual.

Though he has always had a broad interest in all things creative, cHris narrowed his focus in college, graduating from Lodz University with a Major in Graphic Design. Meanwhile, he continued to develop his illustrations and creative ideas. cHris is also involved with a renowned Polish Magazine "Arterie - Art & Literary Magazine" and has been a regular contributor to this popular publication for many years.

Moving to Ireland in 2005, cHris developed his portfolio of experience and expertise further by entering the corporate world, working with National Tile Ltd, Dundalk in the north-east of the country. He is responsible for the design of their official website, merchandising and online market catalogue. As his links with Ireland grew, he began a successful collaboration with various local musicians (Evil Presidentes, Audacity). Using his skills and techniques to design many posters/flyers/online promotional campaigns for major local festivals (Vantastival, The Lock Up Weekend) and popular one-day events at well-known local venues Spirit Store, Dundalk.

As a Graphic Artist, cHris the connection between creative work and business projects is a bridge worth crossing.

"Darkness and Light

are a huge inspiration for me.
You can’t have one without the other.
This is the balance of art.
There is hope in light and a certain romance in darkness and this contradiction effects me in many wonderful ways"

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