3D Architectural Visualization. Palette CAD, Sketchup & VRay

project description

Palette CAD 3D Design Software, SketchUp and VRAY have been developed for architects, interior designers, contractors and showrooms as a very powerful tool for high quality interior design project presentation. I use the these programms not only for the customers who would like to see the final interior design of a bathroom, kitchen or another room. In addition I use it also when tile factory does not provide collection room setting pictures. In this case I have to design a sample room setting and after that, I can use this design for the National Tile Ltd website, tile displays or offer of sale presentation. The Palette CAD has rich a library but only a few selected manufactures. Therefore, I need to take the pictures of the tiles, edit and customize them, and finally import to the programme to use them for the project. I also use my own designs of furniture, accessories and decorations in each project.

  • Concept
  • Interior design
  • Tile photography & editing
  • Designesign
  • Photoshop editing


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